Blog #1 Rebirths & New Beginnings


“My sun sets to rise again.” ― Robert Browning

Dawn excites me. There’s something about a cup of steamy hot tea, the sounds of birds chirping in the early light, and those beautiful warm pastel colors seeping over the horizon that have ceaselessly enchanted me. Each morning comes and goes so quickly that it seems as if we can never quite catch it, but maybe that’s part of its beauty and worth. It’s only when we are awake and allow ourselves to be a part of the world that surrounds us that we can capture its memory and keep it forever. 

What dawn really brings is endless possibilities. It’s a fresh start, a new doorway to walk through, a different path to mark. It’s the beginning of 24 hour cycle that we can choose to make as memorable or invaluable as we’d like.

‎"Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.“ - Martin Luther King Jr

So here’s to that. Here’s to being awake. Here’s to being alive. Here’s to being grateful. Here’s to living intentionally and seeing each of our days as a gift - an extra 24hours - another chance to live, enjoy, change, and build upon. I believe everything in life is a potential and a possibility, so here’s to taking responsibility for life and the moments at hand. Here’s to being reborn each morning.