If you’re reading this that means that you are special to me and that I wanted to give you my first song as a gift to say thank you.

It's being released on November 15th but I wanted you to be the first to hear it! Thank you for liking my pictures, for all the sweet comments, & for trusting me enough to share your lives with me. Each picture for me feels like an opportunity to ask you new questions and to learn more about you - so thank you for always making me laugh, smile, and for being on this fun journey with me. Once you click on the SoundCloud link you can download the song for free!  :)


If you want to hear the song on SPOTIFY you can presave it by clicking here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/74psZWrKKzR4f9mplHXqJb

If more than 250 people follow me on Spotify before the song gets released there becomes a higher the chance of Spotify putting the song on one of their popular playlists.... dreams :)


Also, for those of you who want to be featured on my page. When the song is released on November 15th I will be reposting at least 12 videos on my Instagram of people who post videos with my song in the background… Since you guys are my favorites I’m giving you a head start :) 

Feel free to get creative! You can lip sync, sing along, dance, share artwork, flash dance strangers, anything YOU’d like! The more creative it is the higher the chance of reposting. :)

Here’s how to qualify:

- Must use the hashtag #leilapari and #spotify to enter (so I can find the video)

- Must have at least 2 other people in the video

- Must have All or Nothing playing during the video


Exclusive Content & Private Live Chat:

I will be posting the details of this here once the song releases. I want a to have a fun, intimate, and totally honest live chat with you about the story behind the song, the story behind the process of making it & hear your love stories. I'm SUPER excited for this. I won't be doing it on my instagram it'll be a secret session that's private for just you guys.