New York Day 1: Bike the Big Apple

Someone told me to take a bike tour in Rome last year & it was such a memorable experience that its become a staple of all my travels since. Bike tours are an amazing way to discover both the hidden gems and the larger scope of a city. There's something about the wind in your hair and the excitement of discovering new places, I'm all for it. 

I took a red eye from LA to New York on Friday and went straight from the airport to a 7 hour bike tour... might have taken "yolo" a step too far but I'm glad I did it! My favorite discovery was Williamsburg in Brooklyn. It has the vibe of a quaint village and a bustling town all in one! We just so happened to bike through an event they were having there which was a combination of a free concert, art fair, and farmers market. So cool.

I chose Bike the Big Apple for my bike tour, they were professional and eager to help with all our needs. They offer a variety of unique tours: every day of the week, every time of day, every part of the city. 

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