New York Day 4: Firelight Camps

Its hard to play favorites with the days I spent in New York because it was all wonderful, but my inner kid felt the most captivated at Firelight Campsite. I had heard about their glamping experience and had seen breathtaking pictures but nothing compares to actually being there.

Firelight Campsite is a 5 star glamping adventure located on the grounds of La Tourelle resort on the outskirts of Ithaca. We arrived there in the late afternoon: the birds were chirping, the bonfire was glowing & the hospitality tent was offering complimentary cocktails & s'mores. They had all the classics playing on their vintage record player and it felt like we had been magically transported to South Africa. 

The truth is before this night I had never been camping. Something about roughing it in the wilderness seems equal parts fun and torture. Firelight was all the glamour of camping with the luxury of first class showers, wifi, electricity, and beds. Each tent is built over a treehouse-like platform. They each have their own balconies, their own office desks, their own clothing racks, carpets.. the whole shebang. Not to mention every morning you are welcomed to a complimentary breakfast filled with organic and nutrient rich foods. Their milk and yogurts come from cows that live a couple miles away, their granola is homemade in Ithaca, their coffees, teas, fruit assortments, and pastries were fresh and delicious. On top of that you have the opportunity to join early morning yoga classes, waterfall hikes, and a fun variety of weekly events. 

What I love about moments and places like this is that nothing in the world seems to matter when you're there. Stress doesn't exist, just peace & serenity. You feel safe. You feel free. You realize how fulfilling a simple life can be. You sit by the crackling bonfire and wonder why you don't spend every night like this. In the mornings the chipmunks scatter from tree to ground, the deer stroll around, the camp's husky puppy plays in the grass - life is abundant there. 

My Dad and I decided to go on a trail hike that started from our tent and led to a magnificent series of waterfalls and pools. I just wanted to jump into all of them. At night I joined the Firelight staff in hosting their weekly Twilight music series. Which means I got to sing and play my guitar while guests and locals gathered round with drinks, dinner, and s'mores. The owner, Emma Firsch, is one of the most vibrant and magnetic people I've met. It felt like discovering a new home. I was wished farewell with a gift bag of goodies and can't wait to return. 

Book Here: Firelight Campsite

1150 Danby Road, Ithaca, New York 14850

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