New York Day 3: Gibson & Road Trip to Ithaca

Today was special for me. My Dad & I finished breakfast at Hotel Giraffe, packed our bags and headed to Gibson studios. Gibson has been a significant part of my journey as a musician. They were my first sponsor and believed in me as an artist before anybody else did. Their studios are a beautiful ode to guitar and music and they always make me feel proud to be part of their family. 

The first thing that brought me to New York was a radio station here that asked to interview me (more on that later), but I have 3 shows this week need a guitar! It was my first time meeting Matt, he's awesome. He gave me a tour of their showroom & let me pick my favorite guitar. As I was signing the liability wavier I noticed the exact same paper on the desk next to me but instead of my name on it it had Lady Gaga's... Crazy. 

After picking up the guitar my Dad and I road tripped up to Ithaca. It was the first trip we've taken together and it filled me with so much excitement and joy. We found cute little towns along the way and stopped by to adventure around. I felt like a kid discovering life for the first time. Life their is the exact opposite of the big city.... Tiny towns with one gas station, one gift shop, a coffee spot, a dinner place, and a warehouse where you can rent tractors. I loved it.

We finally made it to Ithaca for dinner. Afterwards we took a walk down memory lane by driving through Cornell. My brother went to school there and when I was 18 I spent three weeks there for his graduation. His dorm was the top floor of this beautiful tower overlooking a building that looked like a castle on a hill. The teenager in me was on cloud 9. New girl, huge school, fascinating people, greek life - weeks of fun and celebration. I remember not wanting to leave and never thinking I'd have the opportunity to see it again. My heart felt like exploding with delight in those memories and the beautiful little village of ithaca. 

P.S. Here above is a sample of one of the videos I came back to Gibson to film. Excited to hear what you think :)