New York Day 7: Gibson Shoot & Hotel Elysée

Today was fun! I headed back to Gibson to return my guitar and shoot some cover videos in their showroom. From there I called an uber, changed outfits, and rushed back to Ammon Carver Studios to collaborate on a photoshoot with Ros Hayes. It felt like a New York movie - rushing into oncoming traffic with a photographer in order to get the perfect shot. I posted the full Ammon Carver story and behind the scenes video in my earlier blog but will add some pictures below. :)

I finished up around 4pm, grabbed a smoothie and wandered around the streets of SoHo. SoHo is my favorite part of Manhattan, it has European influences and makes me feel at home. NYU is here and the surrounding neighborhoods are bustling with trendy cafes, fashion, and youth. 

Wandering the streets of Manhattan with my headphones on is one of my favorite things to do, especially in the warm late afternoon glow. I'm beginning to feel like a Manhattan native at this point, I've walked at least 9 miles a day every day and am surprised at how easy it is to remember where everything is. New York has this bizarre sense of grandeur mixed in with proximity, I like it.

My wanderings led me to my new hotel, Hotel Elysée. Walking into Hotel Elysée feels like walking into a different time and place in the world. They gave me the Penthouse Suite - it was huge! It used to be the home of Tennessee Williams; I felt like a princess there. My room had a full kitchen, fireplace, multiple walk-in closets, an office, living room, dining room, and master bed. Like all the Library Collection Hotels they offered a generous wine & cheese night along with a buffet breakfast the next morning. I loved it. :)

Book Here: Hotel Elysée

60 East 54th Street

10022 New York

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