New York Day 1: Ammon Carver Studios

This ended up being such a special moment for me. I have wanted short hair since I was 12 years old. Lord knows how many screen shots of cute bobs I've taken and how crazy I think it is that it took me so long to have courage to actually do it. I've always had long hair and I think I misplaced some of my identity in that. I'd hear things like "boys like long hair" or "why would I want to cut off such beautiful healthy hair?!" and I let myself care about that. In a way, cutting my hair off was a bit of a personal victory for me. I realized that my identity is something inside me that can't be taken away and that my appearance is merely a form of self expression that should be free and FUN! Getting my hair was both.

Before heading to New York I looked up the best salons in town and discovered Ammon Carver Studios. It felt like serendipity finding this place. It's both a hair salon and a photo studio and has incredible energy. The place itself is stunning: white washed brick walls, tasteful design pieces, complimentary tea & champagne, the list goes on. More importantly, the people who work there are some of the most passionate, hard working, and kind-hearted people I've met. They opened my mind to the art of hair cuts & color and it inspired me.

Kristen Pennington  was recommended as my colorist & Dylan Morgan cut my hair - they're the dream team. I've never seen anything close to their dedication to the craft in the hair industry. Kristen spent 4 hours fixing the color on my hair, taking out the orange toned blotchy highlights and replacing them with delicate natural looking blonde strands; I never thought blonde could look this good on brunette hair. Dylan captured my dream of the short bob to the T. Their technique was intricate and masterful. They exude warmth and professionalism and I'm low key hoping they move to LA so we can be best friends. 

The best part is that they understood how big a change this was for me and they made the evening so special. Pretty sure I'm going to be booking a flight to New York whenever I need a hair cut from now on. :)      

Book Here: Ammon Carver Studios

P.S. What's cool about Ammon Carver is that it also doubles as a photo studio... I came back the following Friday to shoot here with Ros Hayes. Here's a behind the scenes look:


111 West 17th Street
2nd Floor
New York City, NY 10011