New York Day 6: Show at Rockwood Music Hall

Today was the full New York experience. That kind you see in romantic comedies where you have all these cool people to see, events to go to, places to be. It was full of adventure and I loved every minute of it. For starters it was my amazing Aunt's birthday and my first year getting to celebrate it with her. On top of that she is a producer at CNN and seems to know EVERYBODY in the city. 

We went to a book signing, a fashionista's cocktail party, an anniversary gala at the New York Yacht Club, celebratory birthday drinks at a swanky hotel and then my show at Rockwood!

It was my first show in Manhattan at a venue I have heard about for years and I knew from the start that this night would always feel special to me.  A month ago I was sitting in my car around midnight talking on the phone to my mom about how I didn't know what direction I should take with my life and career. I was yapping on about how I didn't think I was qualified to be a musician and how I wanted to travel the world. She stopped me and asked a question - if I could have one dream in my life come true that I knew would make me happy what would it be?

I had forgotten to ask myself that. Music. That moment when you're sitting on stage and all the lights and glamour pause for a moment so you can just sit there with a guitar in your hand and talk and sing and connect with whomever was there with you.

It's not about my voice or my music, its not even about the song, its about the person staring back at you who's giving you their time and a moment of life to share. That's whats beautiful. That was tonight for me. I feel honored and grateful that I got to share it with people I love and will cherish the memory.